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Delivery delay

Because of our holiday all orders between 28th of June and 4th of July will be mailed on 5th of July 2021. We will compensate for the delay with a free postcard book “Moments with people”. The book will be added automatically without any coupon codes. Happy holidays!

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News and World Post Day offer

Let’s take a look what’s new first!

It took almost a year to design new postcards, but we are proud to introduce you the result now. Here are some cards and the whole card range can be seen at Minor online shop. Also many new sticker sheets are available and can be seen at shop’s sticker section.

Did you know, that Struve geodetic arc is an UNESCO World Heritage feature that’s located in ten countries stretching from Arctic Ocean to Black Ocean? 34 of arc’s 265 original measurement points are UNESCO protected sites now in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine. In Finland we have six sites, and Aavasaksa is one of those.

The world is full of cards which show chocolate, but how many have you seen with this black gold? The taste of salmiakki is unique: sweet and salty at the same time. You either love it or hate it: some people don’t like the taste at all, and some can’t get enough of it. We love it… how about you?

We were really inspired by the new mushroom stamps which Posti published, so we designed a matching map card… and then a sticker sheet matching the map!

Autumn is the harvest time, and you can find these treasures from the forest.
Finnish mushroom salad recipe card shows one way how to use salted  milk cups.

We were contacted many times since “Love Postcrossing” – stickers were sold-out. So we are offering these re-designed stickers for sale again by request.

Our German friends were in our minds when designed the “Deutschland” – sticker sheet. The updated German ID stickers are for Germans too – now available in two designs and two materials!

And finally The World Post Day offer! All orders over 20 € will have a Free shipping with code wpd2016. Coupon is valid on this weekend from 7th of October until  10th of October. Please remember to pick the Free shipping- option at the check out and update the cart.

Have a nice and sunny autumn!

Ps. At Minor’s Facebook we have a maximum card lottery at weekends. Join and comment – you can win an unique card.

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Changing the payment facilitator of the online shop

We are changing  the payment facilitator of our online shop on 21.1.2016.

Because of the verification concerning Visa- and Mastercard payments those payments will be not possible during the verification. We are sorry for this one or two days break in those payments and will inform here as soon as it works again.

Other payment methods work normally during this change: You can pay your order by an internet banking account (Osuuspankki, Nordea, Danske Bank, Säästöpankki, Oma Säästöpankki, Aktia, Paikallisosuuspankit, S-Pankki, Handelsbanken), using a direct bank transfer or PayPal.

Update: As of January 22nd, all payment methods are in use and payments are accepted normally.

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World Post Day

”World Post Day” is held annually on October 9th to celebrate post services and remind us of their importance. In Finland it’s called “The day of the Stamp, Postimerkin päivä”  (sorry post is available only in Finnish). To honor the occasion, many mail offices in Finland publishes their own special stamps and also a special decorative cancellation mark is available.

Minor Postcards is also participating on the celebration: all orders made during 6th to 12th of October receive -15% discount! You can use the coupon code wpd14 during the checkout process to gain your discount.

Using and supporting mail services is important for their continued existence. Let’s contribute to their cause and wish for the post to keep on going!

Lots of mail to you all!


Minor Postcards
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Autumn cards are ready!

We have added some cards to the shop. These are inspired by late summer and autumn. I like them all so much I think they deserve to be explained a bit more in depth! 😀 Some of you might think cards feel a bit familiar – you’re right. After some requests, we have brought available some of the favourite cards from our postcard books as single ones.

Our autumn cards show a topic for conversation that you can always count on for small-talk: the weather, in three variations. “Beastly weather” is a new version of a rainy-day, gray card, with some bright and cheery red bursts of color. “Water wires” is also a black-and-white version of a previous Minor card. It’ll be also soon available as a foldable greeting card, sold with an envelope. “Golden leaves” shows the sunny side of the autumn with bright blue sky and shiny yellow maple leaves.

Autumn theme is carried over to the card “Hibernating subshrub“. The photo is of a frozen bog rosemary, ready for winter. Some autumny berries are shown in “Red berry heart“, which is a black-and-white card with color highlight effect. The berries of the season can be used in “Tasty berry porridge” – recipe, which is an addition to our series of recipe cards.

I’m very excited about the card “Stardust“. It’s a picture of a nebula in the direction of Scorpius taken by Hubble space telescope and was picked from among many star pictures due to its beauty. The objects in the picture are sadly not visible to the naked eye, but luckily with this card you don’t need a telescope to see them.

Another of my favourites is “Peace flag“. All the recent conflicts had made me think about ways to help peace. I found an answer when making the cards! We combined two well-known peace symbols into this card: peace circle symbol originally used in the campaign for nuclear disarmament and the rainbow flag of peace, used in Italy during peace marches and flown from the balconies. After the card was finished and sent to be printed, we noticed some similar peace symbol combinations. You could say many good ideas have occurred before, and nothing new under the sun!

Although we do have something new and not seen anywhere else: new Postcrossing – stickers! The stickers, made in the same style as our popular “Love Postcrossing” – card, are only available from us! The stickers are made with durable glossy plastic and precisely cut, so they come off really well. 😀
Check them out at once and order yours to be sent around the world!

Sunny autumn days to all of you!

Minor Postcards

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Spring and new stuff

123We have added an unique brand new product to Minor’s selection: Priority stickers for Postcrossers! The sticker sheet has three different designs, “Priority air mail” with a small Finnish flag and “Priority Postcrossing” with stripes of red, blue and white, characteristic of air mail envelopes. The third sticker has the same colors, with heart-decorated “Postcrossing” – text. Perfect to be used together with the others, and it also stands out by itself as well. These stickers are great for adding that finishing touch to your mail.

You can also find out more about the lovely new postcards we are publishing in April. We have some nature topics, for example a blue spring sky reflection and gardening cards. We also have a card of UNESCO site Suomenlinna in black and white, as well as suitable cards for people who like trains or baking, among other things. A long-standing wish for a graveyard card is fulfilled, with a card of the grave of widow Helena Hjerpe. The card description includes Finnish Genealogy Society’s information about Helena’s life, you should definitely read it if you’re interested.

We always accept your feedback, card wishes and ideas with gratitude. You can reach us by email, [email protected] or through the “Contact us” – form. I’m so excited about these brand new products again and hope that you’ll like them as well!

Have a sunny Spring!
Minor Postcards

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Happy and Card-filled New Year 2014!

We had a wet Xmas and the start to a new year in this area but few days ago winter clothes have been useful again. It’s -10 degrees below zero Celsius and some centimeters of snow, we’ll see if the real winter finally started.
New requested Xmas cards were still not published, but three wintery cards increased our selection before Xmas. Snowflakes, red cottage in snowy forest and snowman wearing a red wooly hat were usable as Xmas cards even though they had no printed greetings on them. Those seem to be very well-timed cards right now when it is snowing outside!
Campaign -20% on cardbooks continues the first months of this year. It’s the time to take a look at those and order your favorites! At this point it seems that we won’t publish any new cardbooks because the technique of making those cost-effective in Finland needs much bigger amount of printing and markets. Instead of those we have thoughts about other kind of “card packages”, let’s see when those are available.
We are now planning and designing new cards which should come out in the spring. There will be at least a new map card… and a food related recipe card…. animal subjects will be at least swans and also squirrels (which have been living in our yard this winter and I have some photos of them)…. and I’m sure there will be a national dress at some card.
If you have ideas or wishes what kind of cards would you like to find in Minor’s selection, please contact me. You can send a message via contact form or answer the questions at surveys. And of course you can send email directly to me: info
May Your year 2014 be filled with cards!
Minor Postcards
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World Post Day

The annual World Post Day is every year on 9th of October. 
The day is held in the honor of founding of World Post Alliance, which is part of the organization of United Nations.
World Post Alliance was founded in Bern, Switzerland, in 1874 and Finland joined the union in 1918.
The founding of the alliance was the start of a world-wide revolution in communication, people could then send mail to each other all around the world.
The first time people celebrated the World Post Day was in 1969 after the World Post Alliance meeting in Japan announced it.
It is meant to celebrate and remind people of the importance of mail services.
Minor Postcards is participating in the celebration and gives every order -20% off (during 9th to 12th of October)!!!!
You can get the offer by using the coupon code wpd13 in the checkout before paying. (Offer doesn’t include special cancelled Postcrossing stamp card. Minumum 10 euros).
We wish you all a very nice and mail-filled celebration!
Minor Postcards
PS. In Finland this day is known by name “Postimerkin Päivä, the Day of a Stamp” and in honor of this day there will be released many special stamps. Each official Post Office has it’s own stamp and many has special cancellations for this day too! Here is a link to Finnish Posti (sorry only in Finnish):
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Autumn cards available now!

A few weeks ago I picked up a lovely package from the printing house in Mikkeli.
The new cards were in the package and I must say I’m pretty happy with how they turned out!
The biggest topic in the cards is national costumes, there are costumes from three different areas represented.
Those cards show the traditional life but also some young people, some of the pictures were inspired by postcrossers ideas.
Thank you again for good card idea suggestions!
The new cards also have:
map cards: flowery Finland and a world map with Finland on it!
– multiview cards about Unesco site Verla and Geocaching – hobby
– two traditional Finnish topics: rye bread and knitting a woolen sock
– picturesque snowy Finnish winter scene, and a black & white flock of birds
– a new topic of black and white cards with some color in them: ice swimming and raising a flag
The most important thing in the Finnish postcard scene is maybe Korttien Tarinat, the Stories of Cards – event in Hämeenlinna.
Minor Postcards was there and I can promise we’ll return next year!
It was nice to meet some old and some new customers alike and display my cards and tell their stories. 🙂
I hope you’ll like the new cards, have a nice autumn!
Minor Postcards