Widow’s rest – Lesken leposija

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The graves in the picture are in Sauvo, Southern Finland, in Turku sub-region. The gravestone of the biggest grave says: Widow Helena Hjerpe 17.9.1799 – 15.7.1876. The Genealogical Society of Finland tells the following information about Helena’s life: She was born in Sauvo and married priest Erik Daniel Hjerpe (1794- 1851) in April of 1823. Their first child Herman was born in June of the same year. Later she gave birth to Herbert, Hemming, Henrika and Hegesippus. Her husband Erik was twice suspended from priesthood for his conduct. After his death, Helena stayed a widow for 25 years, the rest of her life.
A statuette of a grieving woman decorates her grave.

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