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Here you are, Jonttulakki designs with hearts for Christmas!  Jonna Nordström has created stranded knitting designs, that have quickly become very popular and beloved knitting patterns. She posted a photo of her first pair of socks to a few Facebook knitting groups and the pattern began to immediately spread among knitters. First, inspired knitters got the pattern from that Facebook image, then Jonna created a knitting instruction and shared it for free. The first design started the snowballing trend: At first there was Jonna’s blog, then a Facebook group (over 32 000 members!) … different knitting patterns have been in many magazines with interviews with Jonna, and the first book about JonSukat-designs has been published a short while ago. We have postcards of the wonderful JonSukat-designs as well now!! Text on the card says “Lämmintä Joulua!” and literally it means “Warm Christmas!”
You can find Jonna’s products from Pori, at “Kahdeksikko” shop. If you want to knit socks by using JonSukat design, join to her FB group: Villasukkarakkautta by Jonna 

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