Map of Finland: Northern lights


A postcard.

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The most common color of the northern lights is green, with the addition of blue, yellow or different shades of red. The northern lights change shape and colors during the time they are in the sky. Usually the northern lights start in the early evening in the northern sky as greenish arcs.  After an hour or two, the arcs intensify, curling up and breaking up into vertical rays as they move southward across the sky. During the peak phase of the northern lights, the bands of light move rapidly north and south across the sky and bend and rotate, while their color changes. Sometimes an aurora corona occurs, where the arcs of light seem to converge to a single point directly above the viewer. After the peak phase, the northern lights weakens and goes out – unless new  greenish arcs appear in the northern sky, after which there may be another colorful climax.

The card image shows a green northern light arc, and also vertical light rays of different colors. The picture was taken on February 26th at midnight, just a couple of hundred meters from the home yard and it was taken by Minna from Minor Postcards.


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