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There is only one photo on this card even though you might think it is an edited photo. It was taken in the cool weather in the fall, when it was difficult for heavy bumblebees to fly. All the bumblebees in the picture had gathered together in one of the last field scabious to look for nectar. Bumblebees have numerous similar species, making them difficult to identify from this image. However, the one with orange fur on the right side is early bumblebee and the top and bottom seem to be cuckoo bumblebees.

Bumblebees are important because they pollinate much of the blueberries and lingonberries in the forests as well as the fruits and berries from the gardens. The number of pollinators on the planet has declined alarmingly and the exact cause is unknown. In 2020 Finnish broadcasting company Yle had a campaign “Pelasta pörriäinen” to protect pollinator insects. Good deeds include cultivating pollinator-friendly plants, building an insect hotel, and stopping the use of toxic substances in the garden. The campaign will continue this year so: Save the Pollinators!
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