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A set of 12 postcards in an envelope.

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All sets have been sold out, and we have donated 700 euros  to UNICEF! Thank you very much for your support!
This is a charity set of postcards. We donate 7 euros for each set to UNICEF Finland:

Everyone knows that in Ukraine is a terrible war going on now. We were requested postcards regarding situation and to support people in Ukraine. We hope sincerely, that peace is achieved there quickly. That’s why we combined Ukrainian flag colors with peace symbol to three of these cards. Two designs have sunflowers, national flowers of Ukraine and one design the colors of the flag of Ukraine on the fabric surface.

Set of 12 postcards includes two pieces of these postcards in an envelope:

  • Peace sign Ukraine, Flag
  • Peace sign Ukraine, Globe
  • Peace sign Ukraine, Watercolor
  • Peace sign Ukraine, Sunflower field
  • Sunflower
  • Flag of Ukraine

Cards are available only in this set, they are not sold separately. There are 100 sets of postcards printed.

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