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Finnish mail strike, “Postilakko”

We have an office dog, Pico, that we are dog-sitting sometimes. He was worried when heard news about the strike. He can only Finnish, so we’ll translate his thoughts.

HELP! Strike!?!!!
We are not on strike, are we?
It says here MAT-KA-HUOL-TO!!!
(Matkahuolto is a Finnish package deliver and it is not on strike)
No worries, we will deliver orders.

Pico can have a nap in peace, we will deliver orders to Finnish addresses by using Matkahuolto. Orders will be sent as packages so you can order like plenty of postcards, some sticker sheets, dozen mail in a bottles and what ever amount washi tapes and delivery cost is always only 5,50 euros!
Unfortunately delivery to any other country has delays and we are very sorry about it.

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