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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

We wish a nice and postcard-filled holiday time to you all!

The weather here is as wintery as you could possibly imagine, with trees frosted white and lots of snow everywhere. It’s just like from a winter postcard.

The last year has been very busy for us. We’re hoping to increase our selection by lots of new cards during the next year!

Minor Postcards

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Waiting for the winter

The new winter-themed postcards have arrived! We recently got them printed, and now you can see them in the gallery.

The snowy landscapes of the cards make us wish for some real snow outside. There has been more than enough autumn rain in Finland. We got our first snow of the year here in Finland, but it soon melted away and now the dark wet autumn goes on.

You can find autumn in our Unesco-card, which features Sammallahdenmäki. Our other Unesco card shows the Old Rauma with its wooden houses in the evening dusk.

Our new cards have lots of winter topics, for example the cards Winter light, Old Faithful, Ice Fishing and Cold winter day show the Finnish winter at its best. We have also black and white winter cards, Snow on the bikes and Traces of movement.

The northern lights are also a part of the dark Finnish winter. Our aurora cards were made of Pekka Koski’s fine photographs (he’s a Finnish photographer from Rovaniemi). My favourite is the one that shows aurora borealis alongside with full moon.

The cooperation with Johannes Sipponen brought us new cards with Finnish polar bears in them. Yes, we do have polar bears in Finland! It’s not surprising that the polar bear mother Venus and her cub Ranzo are the most popular residents of the Ranua Zoo.

We have some nostalgic cards as well, a card about our old coins (replaced by Euros) and a girl in traditional folk costume (one of our favourite cards) . We also have new animal cards, some quotations… and also of course the Sisu Suomi map card, made of words, and the Christmas Card! 😀

Feel free to contact us and to answer the customer satisfaction survey. You can also always give us feedback or tell your card wishes.


Have a nice winter!

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Thoughts after first weeks have passed

First of all, I want to say thanks to all customers and people who have have given feedback!

Thank you for orders, feedback, tips and congratulations after opening this web store. It really feels good to receive your support. Thank you also for attention to this site, we have done some changes and small corrections when needed. You have sent questions and wishes for card motives, thank you for those.
One question we have got is about the quality of postcards in card books.
Answer is that all our postcards are printed to fine quality cardboard. Postcards in card books are similar to single postcards, only glued together and protected by covers.
On these days we are thinking very much about coming cards. Some are ready already, for example there will be a new map card! These new cards will be published in November and among those will be the inevitable Christmas card.
This Christmas card won’t match to all, but it is worth of checking if it fits to you and your friends. And if not to friends then maybe to relatives….
😛 😛 😛 😛
Dare to keep sending wishes and messages to us. You can do Survey (many times) or use Contact us – form.
Have a sunny autumn!
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Minor Postcards web store opened!

We have officially opened the web store after a lot of planning! To honor this occasion, we’ll give you 10 % off of all products! You can use this coupon code: minorpostcards10, and it’s valid until the beginning of October. We’re really proud of the site, and would love to hear any suggestions, opinions and other thoughts related to the site (and our products) from you. That’s why we have made a survey: , to keep improving even more. If you complete the survey, you’ll get another coupon to get 10 % off of your order, so be sure to use both of them!