Frequently asked questions

We’re happy to answer your questions. You can always send us feedback and questions through email or our contact form. Also, we have assembled some frequently answered questions here.

Q: What is the size of the postcards?

A: They’re all the same size, default postcard (105 mm x 148 mm)

Q: How long does it take for my order to arrive?

A: We ship your order using the First class / Priority mail to abroad on the same or following day of your order. In Finland we use Economy class letter mail or packages. After that, it’s all up to the post office.

Q: It seems that in order I received was two quality cards, why?

A: Our cards have been printed in two different prints, using two different techniques. About first fifty cards are digitally printed, and almost all after that are printed by using off set technique. Used technique is mentioned in product description, and the letter in SKU information shows printing place (A = the first print, B = current print).

Q: What is the quality of the cards in postcard books, compared to single cards?

A:  All our cards have been printed to high-quality cardboard paper, and the cards from postcard books are just as thick as the first single digitally printed postcards.

Q: When will there be stickers at shop again?

A: We are making a deal with a new producer for stickers, but it takes a bit more time before new stickers are available. New producer means also new models!

Q: How does the Finnish postal strike affect to orders?
(Strike ended on 30th of November so it doesn’t affect any more).

A: Strike may cause delays, the most orders go through Kuopio and Helsinki sorting centers before leave to abroad. I have considered using another ways to send orders, but decided not to use those. I understand that postal sector has huge challenges to solve. I think that the mail service needs to work in whole Finland in the future, but absolutely so, that workers of Posti will receive the right payment of their work. It’s a difficult situation now, but hopefully it will be solved soon and both sides will be pleased.
We’ve always used services by Posti only and would like to continue that. You can’t send postcards to the world by the other package delivery systems! We are sorry for possible delays, but hope that you understand this situation.