Frequently asked questions

We’re happy to answer your questions. You can always send us feedback and questions through email [email protected] or our contact form. Also, we have assembled some frequently answered questions here.

Q: How does the mail service strike in Finland affect to delivery?

A:  Hurray, the strike is over!! Strike doesn’t affect any way to orders to Finnish addresses. We send orders as packages, not letters, and use another service,  Matkahuolto, to delivery. Unfortunately there are delays in orders to other countries and we are very sorry about that. Delays in all orders will continue for some time even strike is over before the system works again normally.

Q: What is the size of the postcards?

A: They’re all the same size, default postcard (105 mm x 148 mm)

Q: How long does it take for my order to arrive?

A: We ship your order using the Economy class to Europe, First class mail (Priority) to other countries abroad on the same or following day of your order. In Finland we use Economy class letter mail or packages. After that, it’s all up to the post office.

Q: Why is my phone number required?

A: When an order is delivered as a package the postal system requires your phone number for delivery. If you order only postcards and feel uncomfortable to share your number, just use random numbers like 123 456 etc.   During strike the orders to Finland will be mailed as package and need a correct phone number.

Q: It seems that in order I received was different quality cards, why?

A: Our cards have been printed in different prints, using different techniques. All cards are printed in high-quality cardboard, and some cards like the scratch & sniff cards are printed in thicker premium quality cardboard (300 g Invercote G).

Q: Where are the cards and stickers made?

A:  All our cards and stickers are made in Finland.

Q: Where I can find privacy policy? 

A: Privacy policy (Finnish only) is here:

Q: How can I mail “Message in a bottle” – bottles?

A: The bottle can be mailed as a letter and it’s small enough to fit in most mail boxes. We cannot guarantee the post office regulations in your country, though, so please make sure to check with your local post office for instructions on mailing it! The bottle weighs 30 grams, height without cork is 17 cm, width 7 cm and thickness 1,5 cm.

Q: Is there really a coffee scent in the scratch & sniff – postcards?

A: Yes there is! Scent is among the varnish and can be released by rubbing the image surface gently.