Bengtskär in the dusk


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Bengtskär lighthouse is located in the Turku archipelago about 25 kilometers (or one hour by boat) from Hanko peninsula. It was built in 1906 on the islet of Bengtskär using bricks and the natural granite rock mined on-site. Before the decision of building it, there had been multiple accidents and shipwrecks, so there was a need for a lighthouse to improve the safety of the area. It is the tallest lighthouse of the Nordic countries, with top height of 52 meters above the sea. The location is valued as a nationally important cultural heritage location of Finland, and as one of the most important naval building heritage sites here. It has a long and interesting history. The rock surface of the islet has tens of rock carvings made by soldiers stationed there during the wars and by early visitors. The lighthouse light was automated in 1968 and after nobody living there, the building deteriorated. It was renovated in 1995 and after that, the current owner of Turku University Foundation has successfully turned it into a popular attraction. During the summer season, multiple boat services are available, and there’s a small cafe and souvenir shop open. It’s even possible to stay overnight in the lighthouse.
The photo was taken by Minna in September of 2017 when we visited the lighthouse with the family. The sun has set behind the horizon and the lighthouse guides seafarers to safety.

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