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Here you are, a close-up image of a bunch of JonSukat designs – in a black & white image this time! Jonna Nordström has created stranded knitting designs, that have quickly become very popular and beloved knitting patterns. She posted a photo of her first pair of socks to a few Facebook knitting groups and the pattern began to immediately spread among knitters. First, inspired knitters got the pattern from that Facebook image, then Jonna created a knitting instruction and shared it for free. The first design started the snowballing trend: At first there was Jonna’s blog, then a Facebook group (over 32 000 members!) … different knitting patterns have been in many magazines with interviews with Jonna, and the first book about JonSukat-designs has been published a short while ago. We have postcards of the wonderful JonSukat-designs as well now!!

You can find Jonna’s products from Pori, at “Kahdeksikko” shop. If you want to knit socks by using JonSukat design, join to her FB group: Villasukkarakkautta by Jonna

Photo: Jonna / JonDesign

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