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Mead is usually made of lemons, but you can use other citrus fruits too, or even try rhubarb or strawberries. Some people have added spices to the drink, for example cinnamon or cardamom.

The traditional version is an essential part of Finnish springtime, and it’s especially enjoyed during May Day festivities.

The fermentation process mainly provides the bubbles, and the point of traditional mead is not to result in alcohol, although there might be trace amounts in the drink. It’s advised that pregnant women do not drink large amounts of homemade mead. And you shouldn’t let it sit for too long, especially unrefrigerated, as it will change the flavour. But if you follow the recipe, the resulting drink is fine for children to drink, too. It is especially delicious with doughnuts or funnel cakes, which are also associated with May Day, or Vappu.

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