ID Germany 16 sticker sheet Matte


A sticker sheet.

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A sheet of German ID stickers! On sticker you can write the Postcrossing ID number, date and mark out the weather. Also remember to place your home on the map of Germany. Pen writing sticks well on these matte stickers, and surface is good for fountain pens too. New block out material – you can cover text, bar code etc. with this sticker!

The glue on stickers is strong and it is safe to use these. The size of a sticker is perfect for a postcard, it leaves enough space for writing.

N.B. New material, this matte sticker is easiest to remove from the corner!

The size of the sheet is 9,5 cm x 12,5 cm and there are 16 stickers on it, the size of a sticker is 1,3 cm x 4,1 cm (and also 10 tiny German flag stickers).

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