Native land sticker sheet


A sheet of stickers.

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There is a collection of Finnish elements on this generous sticker sheet. For example Finns are famous for coffee drinking and having a sauna in every house. In Finland you have freedom to roam in nature and here is plenty of nature to roam! If you are lucky you can see Northern lights in the autumn or winter time. The only real Santa Claus is from Finland of course! Stickers are cut to shape, and images are hand drawn by Ronja (my daughter). Stickers are printed on a nice glossy material and the size of a sticker is perfect for decorate a postcard or an envelope!

The size of the sheet is 9,5 cm x 12,5 cm and there are 41 stickers on it!

This design can also be found on this matching postcard: Native land and washi tape: Native land.

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