Postcards only bright sticker sheet


A sheet of stickers.

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Do you send your postcards in an envelope? You can declare it with these colorful stickers to the Post and Customs without a customs declaration! The sticker is decorative, but is likely to serve as a sufficient explanation if Customs does not strictly follow the new guidelines.

In accordance with the international regulations reform, more specific advance information will be required on the contents of goods-containing postal items (letters and parcels) sent outside the EU since 1st of January 2021. (Guidelines from Posti). Officially, this is done with the customs list CN 22 and electronically on the Post’s website.

The cut-out stickers are printed on a nice glossy material. This size is particularly suitable for decorating envelopes.

The sheet is 12,5 cm x 9,5 cm, there are 12 stickers on it.

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