The fire of the fox sticker sheet


A sheet of stickers.

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Have you seen Aurora Borealis, the Northern Lights? The source of that light phenomenon was unknown for a long time and therefore there are many myths and folk stories about them. The well-known story of the Finns and Sámi tells how lights are created when a fox’s tail whisks the snow.  Finnish name for Auroras is Revontulet and the translation is “The fire of the fox” – and that is the idea of our sticker design!

The cut-out stickers are printed on a nice glossy material and the size of stickers is perfect for decorating a postcard or an envelope. This sticker image is generated with MidJourney AI tool and is made by Minna from Minor Postcards.

The sheet is 9,5 cm x 12,5 cm, there are 15 stickers on it.

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