Washi tape 3 + 5 set


A set of eight washi tape rolls.

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Order new washi tapes at one time! Set of eight tapes has these three 15 mm wide  washi tapes:
Postcards only,  County flowers of Finland, Economy

It has also these five thin 5 mm wide washi tapes:
Mail stripe, Blue map, Red heart, Colorful heart and Flag of Finland.

Washi tape is translucent tape made from paper. It can be used in decoration of notebooks or postcards. You can write on and it and tear pieces off easily with no scissors. It can be detached and re-used and will not leave a glue residue unlike normal tape. It holds well onto postcards and envelopes and resists water.

These washi tape designs are exclusive to Minor Postcards and only available through us.

The glue, printjob and material are high quality, the single tape width is 15 mm or 5 mm and length 10 meters. Every tape is sold separately also, but this is a really great bargain set.

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