Four seasons of Finland – Summer


A postcard.

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Every season has its pros and cons. Many people love summer, its green nature, warm air and midnight sun.

According to the astronomical definition, summer is the time between the summer solstice and the autumn day equalization in this hemisphere. In the southern hemisphere, summer is the time between the equinox of autumn and the stagnation of winter.

Meteorologists define that summer is when the daily average temperature stays over + 10 ° C (50 °F) . Finland is a long country and therefore there are large variations in the length of summer between the south and the north. In the northernmost part of Lapland, the summer lasts less than two months, while in the southernmost part of Finland it can be almost five months. In addition to the signs of summer found in nature, summer includes holidays, tourism, festivals, terraces and ice cream.

This card features a special matte finish, which feels soft and luxurious. The special coating prevents fingerprints and smudges, too, so feel free to touch it!

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