Stony medieval castle Olavinlinna


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Olavinlinna, “Olof’s Castle”, or Sankt Olofsborg is located in Savonlinna and it was founded by Erik Axelsson Tott in 1475. Castle was built to protect Sweden against Novgorod Republic.  It is the northernmost medieval stone fortress still standing. The castle is built on an island in the Kyrönsalmi strait and was easy to defense. Nevertheless the rulers of castle changed many times over the years from Sweden to Russia when a new peace treaty was concluded.

After year 1847 Olavinlinna was not needed for military use any more. There were two fires and castle was in a bad shape before repairing started. It was fully restored between 1961-1975 by state and it is very popular tourist site and sight. Olavinlinna is a desired venue for weddings and other parties too.

Olavinlinna is a famous opera festival, first organized by opera singer Aino Ackté in 1912. Current annual Savonlinna Opera Festivals inside the castle walls started in 1967.

The card features the family coat of arms of Tott and also the coat of arms of Kalmar Union (formed by Norway, Denmark and Sweden) and it’s administrative area on the map.

The photo was taken by Minna in August of 2019.

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